What we do

London Canna Group is an experienced team of business accelerators. We understand the importance of both brand image and audience engagement at every level. We effectively communicate brand stories through proficient marketing, putting our clients at the forefront of the consumer eye.

CBD companies face far more obstacles than any other CPG companies when it comes to promotion, restricted advertising and paid media. We have found that the most effective way to yield results, spread awareness and land sales is through public relations. It is important to remember that how you build your brand today, determines how you position yourself to earn the trust of consumers tomorrow.

Taking advantage of our relations with the most influential names in the industry across Europe, we connect our clients with the most trusted journalists, suppliers, manufacturers and all other influential outlets, ensuring that every individual brand is in the ideal marketplace to thrive.

Using our expertise in content creation, our creative team work to give you the strongest presence online through social media and website development.

How we do it

It is important that each of our clients receive a bespoke experience. We work closely with each brand to first grasp and understand their visions before developing a strategy to take our clients on a journey of growth and development with total transparency.

With long-term success at the forefront of all objectives, we use a range of creative content and media platforms to develop reputable brands with an authentic competitive presence in the market.

The demanding and fast-paced nature of our current society makes it easy for brands to get overlooked; we understand. We combat this by using extensive marketing research tools and running thorough analysis, so we know what works when it comes to creating brands that stand out. We use our ability to translate consumer insights and activity into initiatives that successfully drive market growth. We are constantly researching and widening our knowledge to guarantee only the most specific and relevant techniques are used to materialise your vision.

For whom

Whether it is the seed of an idea or an established brand in need of renovation, we help both individuals and companies looking to develop and maintain a successful cannabis business. There has never been a more exciting time to take full advantage of the growing advancements in the industry and we look forward to creating relationships with those that resonate our passion to eliminate the stigma around the cannabis plant through education and product distribution to the public.

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