The Food Standard Agency sets deadline for CBD businesses to provide further information about their products.

The Food Standard Agency sets deadline for CBD businesses to provide further information about their products.

 After this date, all products that do not meet legal standards will be taken off the market.

In 2019, New York-based investment bank Cowen & Co. released a study on the CBD market and estimated that the industry could pull In $16 billion by 2025, suggesting that the number of emerging CBD businesses will continue to grow. It is therefore important that regulations are in place to avoid populating our shelves with unsafe products. A significant factor as to why a proportion of the public are sceptical about CBD, is due to the misinformation and a general lack of knowledge among consumers which is a void that should be filled with the new safety regulations. We are therefore pleased to see action being made to protect the public and ensure the best for their well-being.

We do have some concerns, as the FSA also advises those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medication not to consume CBD products and that healthy adults to consume no more than 70mg a day unless under medical direction. While we agree that those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult with their doctor before taking CBD, controlled clinical studies are taking place in Israel with infants taking up to 2000mg per day with no ill-effect, showing that it may not be accurate to blanket this figure supplied by the FSA across all adults.

‘’It is good news for the industry and consumers. Companies have over a year to comply and in theory, this is ample time. However, it will, of course, depend on the actual requirements, which they have not stated and also the length of time to be approved. In conclusion, I would say it is exactly what consumers need, in order to weed out the more unscrupulous providers.’’ – Paul Raggett, ECE Event Director.

We are optimistic that this legislation will create a more conclusive and accurate environment of information for consumers, increasing their confidence and trust in the industry. We believe that this is a forward movement towards clearing the fog that surrounds the CBD market and is exactly what consumers need.

For further information about this announcement given by the FSA, please follow the link to the article here.