LCG Talks Coffee Mornings EP6 | Sam Mallach & Andrew Megahy from Always Pure Organics

LCG Talks Coffee Mornings EP6 | Sam Mallach & Andrew Megahy from Always Pure Organics

Always Pure Organics, a Cannabis company based in Manchester, UK, operate at the  manufacturing and distribution stage in the supply chain of both bulk raw ingredients and white label products. Their aim is to be the one-stop-shop for any company that wishes to incorporate cannabinoids into their product offering. With this, they operate across multiple sectors from Medical; Cosmetics; Foods and Vape.


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They were founded only two years ago in a spare room with three employees and £400 start-up capital. Since then the company has grown rapidly, now employing over 20 members of staff and turning over in excess of £5 million in their second year. They have satellite offices in Japan, South Eastern Europe and Ireland to ensure a solid and reliable logistics network.

In this episode of LCG Talks Coffee Mornings, Sam Mallach and Andrew Megahy reveal all about AP Organics’ production cycle, from their farm in Zurich, through to their research facility and extraction process.

Following the announcement from the FSA regarding Novel Food regulations, they share how their organisation has been working towards the submission of their products for approval coming into force in March of next year.

Sam and Andrew also tell us about the main differences they see between the UK and European, end user CBD markets and tell us about how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected their business, both in the UK and in Europe and how they see it progressing as we move forward.


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