LCG Talks Coffee Mornings EP5 | Mile High Labs

LCG Talks Coffee Mornings EP5 | Mile High Labs

Founded in 2016 by Stephen Mueller, Mile High Labs is a global leader in hemp-derived cannabinoid extraction and manufacturing. Headquartered in a 400,000-square-foot GMP and ISO 9001 certified facility in Broomfield, Colorado, Mile High Labs supplies bulk cannabinoid ingredients, as well as private label CBD and CBG products to the world’s leading consumer brands. The company’s adherence to the strictest manufacturing certifications and commitment to self-regulation has earned the trust of brands and consumers around the world.


In this episode of LCG Coffee Mornings, Paul talks with Christian Hendrikson. VP of International Expansion.


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In this discussion, you can learn how Mile High Labs have been working towards the UK FSA guidelines with regard to the submission of their products for approval under the proposed Novel Food regulations, coming into force in March of next year.

Christian shares his thoughts on the recent announcement from the EU with regard to potentially classifying CBD as a narcotic and the potential impact of this on the European market.

Paul and Christian also discuss end user CBD markets and the main differences between the US and the UK and you can also find out about how the Covid pandemic has affected the business of Mile High Labs, both in the US and in Europe and how they see it progressing moving forward.


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