London CBD Group are experts in CBD marketing, our team will create you a clear marketing plan and strategy that we can immediately begin to implement, and this will set the foundation for everything else in your business.

Marketing plans may not sound exciting, but they are the essential first step for your business to reach and engage with your target audience. They help you create a road map to success.

Through bold initiatives and some small changes, we’ll transform your marketing to reach youraudience, increase customers, and develop ongoing loyalty for your company.


You have specific marketing projects you need to be completed to reach your goals. However, you need additional expertise or resources to get everything completed. We can help you fill these types of gaps with our team and marketing experts.

You have to start somewhere. Understanding and assessing your current marketing can be the best place if you’re not starting from scratch. This provides us with the ability to find opportunities and explore possibilities. Using this information, we create the marketing plan and strategy. The plan builds the foundation and creates a roadmap for the rest of your marketing and success going forward.

Working together, we review your goals and determine your unique marketing needs. Recommendations and an implementation plan come out of the first phase. From branding to strategy, to implementing campaigns that connect with your audience, we partner and collaborate closely with you. You can focus on your business, we have your marketing covered.


We have a reliable team of experts who can manage everything from full marketing plan to website development, digital marketing and management. As we specialise in the CBD industry, we know what it takes for your business to succeed, this means you  will be getting the most out of your website and search engine optimization (SEO).

Your goal is to generate more income and grow your business. We know the thought of paying another company to handle your marketing is daunting but the cost of doing it yourself is far greater in the long run if you wait.

Whatever your business goals are, there are marketing solutions to help you achieve your goals. We can develop a customised package that’s best for you.


Through our workshop sessions, you can learn what you need to know when it comes to marketing, especially for the CBD industry. We know marketing and we’re here to share it with you.

Marketing support for you and your team. You get have full access to our marketing team who will help guide you and provide innovative ideas along the way. With our guidance and brainstorming, you will receive the best results. Our sessions provide additional expertise to your team and company to help ensure your success.


Marketing plans are critical to your success. They define how your marketing objectives align with your business goals. It creates a clear understanding of your customers and a roadmap to how you can reach your business goals.After you have the plan, we develop the marketing activities and campaigns that build on the plan.

We assess your existing marketing processes and results. Through researching your audience and ideal consumer, competition, and the marketplace, we develop a marketing strategy designed for your success. We will make sure all of your marketing and advertising is aligned including your digital marketing to ensure it is all effective in reaching your customers.

Share your passion with the world!